User research takes you everywhere.

The insights collected shouldn’t.

Search, share and annotate content from all of your studies in one platform.

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Create a collection and store all of your study information in one safe place.

Effortlessly Transcribe Videos

Hand-typed transcriptions are a thing of the past. We automatically transcribe your videos as they’re uploaded.

Create tags and notes

Every piece of content uploaded allows you to create notes and tags. Easily organize everything by customizable themes.

Search videos and images through keywords

Wracking your brain to find the one moment from a couple of studies ago is no longer an issue. Search videos, notes, and tags to find distinct user moments.

How it works

Create a study collection and upload your artifacts. During the upload, we’ll automatically transcribe videos. After everything is on the platform, create tags and make notes for each item. Search your collection for recurring words or just to reference back.